Saturday, June 28, 2008


We are lucky to have
nature's playground
so close to our home.
Today we drove about 10-15 minutes
up the road
and had a play day
at the reservoir.

We loaded up our little boat
and took off.

The faster, the better!
We slowed down to do a little bit

of fishing, so Doug could try out

his new fish finder.

He was loving it.
We all were!
The scenery was gorgeous!
We boated for awhile, then
got out and played at the

We headed home around dinnertime,

and this is what it looked like then.



J&S said...

What a fun family activity! Do you ski behind the boat too? Does the fish finder work? Scott would be really interested in that.

Justin said... i'm way jealous. lucky. that looks awesome. that's it...i'm sooo getting a boat. ;-)