Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sweet thing

I gave up
to put London down for
when she started sleeping
in a bed.
All my other kids stopped
taking them at that point.
But apparently,
she still needs them.
At least, she thinks so!
Yesterday, she had closed her
bedroom door
and when I opened it,
this is what I found.
How lucky am I?


OnGod'sErrand said...

Enjoy it! She takes after her used to come home from kindergarten and take naps!

jen said...

so sweet!

Rachel said...

Hello, I am one of doug's old classmates from high school. I hope you dont mind that I am posting. I read your guys blog and your family is so adorable! I love when the little ones with take naps...mine wont cause I took away the pacifier. He used to sleep constantly and it has been stressful for me cause he is so cranky and needs it. I am tempted to give it back. I know terrible mother. But I havent yet! I am staying strong. Hey also I have tried to respond to doug about our reunion on the email that he gave and it keeps coming back. Is there anyway I can get your address or email that will work? I think he has mine if not tell him to go on facebook or classmates and it has a way to contact me. Thank you and hope you dont mind me checking our your blog! Rachel

J&S said...

So sweet! I'm jealous that you found starmallows, by the way. I have checked my Wal-Mart with no luck. What aisle did you find them on?

Justin said...

tooooo cute