Monday, June 30, 2008

Little fish

One of the best things
about summer vacation
are the fun activities
the kids get to participate in.
The past 2 weeks
they have been
taking swim lessons.

Jordan went off the diving board
(with a little help!).

So did Austin.
Sydney learned to dive in
from the side of the pool.

London and I took a
parent/tot class together.
We had a blast!

It was so fun to see them swim

and watch how much progress they made

in just 2 weeks' time.


J&S said...

Ah, the gold old summertime. Swim lessons was always one of my favorites. You all are sure keeping busy this summer. Looks like fun!

Justin said...

i love swim lessons. this is luke's third year and no real progress. your kids look like fish. luke throws up about every other time from taking in water. i think we'll learn the hard way. ;-)

OnGod'sErrand said...

How fun...and even mom got into the act! Keep it up kiddos and maybe next year you can take scuba diving lessons.