Monday, June 16, 2008

Today's adventure

Today, we camped.
At least, it felt like it.
We woke up this morning to
no water.
It lasted most of the day.
They said the tank just
ran out.
O. K. (??)
when it finally came back on,
this is what we got.

Pretty, isn't it?
London looked at it and said,
"Mom, that's chocolate water."

It sputtered and coughed for awhile,

Then finally ran normal again (we think).

One of those things that makes us

count our blessings!


J&S said...

Kind of scary how dependent we are, isn't it? On Sunday we had a food storage minute where they told us to get our 14 gallons of water per person per day in order. Guess I should get on that.

Ramanda said...

That's just gross! I wonder why we had water and you guys didn't? Don't you wish you could see the world the way kids do? Chocolate water sounds so much better than what you were dealing with.

jen said...

hey, that looks like russia!