Wednesday, July 9, 2008

4th of July

We had a little surprise
on the 4th this year!
Sydney started to feel
pretty sick all day.
Her tummy was hurting a lot,
so Doug took her in
to the emergency room
to find out what was going on.

They decided to admit her
after a couple of tests.
She was pretty tough
about the whole thing.

She wasn't even afraid of that

big machine that takes pictures

of her insides.

It turns out she needed to have her

appendix removed.

So, as the fireworks began,

here I was.

And they took Syd through the

big scary doors for her surgery.

All the doctors and nurses

loved her. They were so amazed

at her good spirits and sweet attitude.

They commented on how she

came out of surgery smiling.

She was such a trooper for the whole 4 days
we were there (her appendix had ruptured).
It was nice for me to be able to just
stay there with her the whole time.
We are grateful for so many
wonderful friends who helped
Doug and the kids while we were gone,
and all those who came to visit
her in the hospital.
We are so blessed!
We are also thankful for
the great doctors and nurses
who took such good care of her.
They were wonderful!
Yesterday when we found out
she could come home,
they all let out a big cheer.
We are glad she's home now,
and that she's getting better!
We love you, Syd!


o charm said...

what a trooper! good job, syd, now you've got lots of good stories to tell your friends!

BERRETT'S said...

We are all glad you are ok. And that you got to come home. Keep getting better and we will keep praying for you! Love the Berretts

Unknown said...

wow syd, you're so awesome. i'm sorry you got sick and had to spend a little time at the hospital. but now you and i are both hospital veterans. you're a strong little girl and we're proud of how you handled it. it's not fun, but we're soo glad you're getting better. we're praying for you!

J+S said...

What a great kid! (She must have good parents.) I wish her a speedy recovery!