Monday, July 14, 2008

Daisy & Minnie

Our friends who own
the local pet shop
have been trying for awhile
to tell us how great
these little animals
are as pets.
We thought it would be
a good opportunity for us
to give the kids
some responsibility
of their own.

They are
really having
a good time
Daisy and
so far.
They clean
out the
and make
sure they
have food
and water.

Maybe you think
it's a little creepy
to keep rats for pets.
I thought so too, at first.
But we've learned
that the
kind are far from
the ones you
typically think of.
They're actually
clean and
love people!
And with a life span
of only about 2 years,
it wasn't a huge
They're not bad!
You learn
something new
every day. :)


BERRETT'S said...

They seem really cool. Now Mal is set on getting one. If she can keep her room clean for 3 months stright she can get one. She has a name and everything.

BERRETT'S said...

ok, now this post is Ty's entertainment. If I go away from it he yells "NO, go back to the dordan one. The one with the rats!" Great post.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Maybe Cinderella's fairy godmother will turn them into coachmen when it's time to go to prom.