Thursday, August 28, 2008


From the title,
you may assume
I am talking about this:

This is what I saw on my way to the store
this morning.
It was just a bit alarming,
and a little too close to home.
However, that's not the explosion
I'm referring to.
This afternoon Jordan decided to
paint her nails.
I walked in just in time
to witness the array of polish colors
she had selected for the occasion.

She had it all planned out -

which hand and which finger each one would

go on, and in what order.

When Sydney saw the finished product,

she said it looked like a

nail polish explosion

happened all over the place.

I think they look just lovely.


Justin said...

tooo cute. i need one of those girls. we just get diaper explosions, temper explosions, and boys fighting explosions...pass some of that girl magic potion our way.

jen said...

seriously, when you say explosion and nail polish, i was waiting for the next picture to be all the bottles splattered all over the wall or something. glad it was just a few pretty painted nails!