Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A London afternoon

Since school started,
life has been a little crazy.
So today, I decided it would be
London's day.
We would spend the day doing
whatever she wanted.
I thought this would be nice and relaxing. (ha)
Here's how it went:
1. Storytime at the library.
2. Band-aid on (invisible) boo-boo.
3. Picnic lunch in the back yard.

4. Swinging on the swing.
5. Read Winnie the Pooh, her favorite.
6. Change into 3 different swimsuits when
she heard about our weekend plans
to swim at a hotel.
7. Airplane swings in the family room
till we both got dizzy.
8. Taking care of her baby. (see below)
"Mom, look, it's a scary monster."

"No, it's just a baby!"

9. Giving London rides in the baby's stroller.
10. Dancing, singing, merry-making to
musical instruments and nursery rhymes.
11. Spend 10 minutes making ourselves the
most comfy pretend beds ever.
"Sleep" for 5 seconds. Wake up and do something else.
12. Make cinnamon rolls for our breakfast-dinner.

13. Let the kids take over on

dinner preparation.

14. Crash on the couch for a minute.

Kids are the best, aren't they?

It turned out to be a little relaxing after all.


J+S said...

I felt exhausted just reading about your day! :)

Unknown said...

sounds like an incredible day. i just want to know who took the photo of you two on the couch and home alone? ;-)

OnGod'sErrand said...

It sounds like a PERFECT day to me! What I wouldn't give to read stories and sing songs and make cinnamon rolls with London! Thanks for sharing.

o charm said...

how fun-- and great inspiration.
you are the best mom ever! (well, #2 anyway. . .)