Saturday, September 20, 2008


We had a new pet
for a couple of days.
His name was Manny.
Manny was discovered by London.
She also found Manny something (or someone)
to dine on.
We'll call him Hopper.

However, Hopper was the same size as Manny.

So they were just roommates, as it turns out.

After a couple of days, she decided

it was time to let them go.

But not before they were

played with for awhile.

Manny's new home is a tree

that is always inhabited by ants.

He should enjoy that, I think,

since he's probably not so much


in having roommates.


Lonni said...

Hey! I'm so glad you left a comment! How are you all? We miss Rifle so much! What a beautiful family you have! Tell Austin Orion says hi. Keep in touch! If you ar ever in AZ let us know.

bullfrogranch said...

I love the fall. The kids have so much fun catching and playing with the bugs they find. What cute adventures they have.

BERRETT'S said...

He, cool Mantis! I love it in the fall when they are everywhere. And I always think it is a good idea to add a pet to the family!