Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Rockies and the Rockies

If you are looking
to see some
fall colors,
head down
I-70 through
Vail in the next
couple of weeks.
You won't

We all went down
to Denver
on Friday
so that
Doug and I
could go
to a Rockies
How lucky am I
to have this
hot guy
as my date?

Linds and

Hank met us

there. It was

a ball (pun


hanging out with them. Linds took this picture of us, since I was having no luck doing the self-portrait thing.

After the game, some of the

stands were emptied out

onto the field, so that

everyone could see

the fireworks.

A win, a fireworks show,
and a night out with my love,
it doesn't get much better than that.


JaneH said...

What a great couple you two are.
And the Rockies won !!!!

Thanks for showing me how to go about setting up a blog.

Rifle Fam said...

The scenery between here and Denver is always so pretty! You take the best pictures and I love how you blog about all the little things--its so fun to focus on the moments. Thanks for your help tonight, by the way. :)

OnGod'sErrand said...

It was a long way to drive for a baseball game, but I'm sure it was worth it and grandma and grandpa were tickled pink to have you visit. Your camera did a good job on those fireworks.