Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good for a laugh

Today, I had a most humorous conversation
with Miss London.
She had been eating
chocolate chip banana bread
and had chocolate
spread across her cheek, eye, and into her hair.
Austin said she looked like
Scar's daughter (Lion King, remember?)
I went over and started cleaning it off her face.
"What's this on your face?" I asked.
"It's chocolate." London replied.
"How did it get up there?" (on her eye)
"It just climbed up on."
(Laughing) "You're so funny.
How does chocolate climb?"
"It has some legs on."
I tell you what,
that girl.
She cracks me up.
I love it.


JaneH said...

What a super imagination. She is really very creative as well. What a fun little girl

The Page Family said...

You'd be so proud of me, I made banana bread yesterday, new recipe, and it worked!! I'm not sure I should try my luck and make more!!:)

Lonni said...

What a cutie! She cracks me up too!