Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Sitting on Santa's lap

Never done this before.
She's a little apprehensive,
to go and see that man
with the big white beard
and red suit.
What will he say?
She's shy
for a minute,
but manages to tell him
about that dollhouse.
Especially if there's a
candy cane
in it for her afterward.
No way, forget it.
I'll just admire from afar, says Jordan.
But can I still have a candy cane?

Am I too old for this?

Hey, we match!

It's a time-honored tradition,
one that we hope will last
as long as their dreams do.
Never stop believing!


Lonni said...

Your family is so sweet. You always capture the cutest moments. I love checking in on you guys.

Page Family said...

I agree, it's important to believe in the magic!

Justin said...

love it. cute post. i admit that i was tempted to climb up this year and bust off a wish or two of my own.