Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Passion for fashion

Sydney's teacher this year
has been great about
encouraging Sydney to
follow her dreams.
She had her start a "Passion project"
of her choosing to work on.
So Sydney has begun keeping
a portfolio of her fashion designs.
These are a couple she created this weekend:
Syd's teacher also has a sister
in the fashion industry
who has agreed to be Sydney's pen-pal.
They write back and forth
and share ideas with each other,
and she encourages Sydney
and tells her her designs are
I agree, they are pretty good!

Who knows, maybe someday she'll be famous. :)


Rachel said...

What a cool thing! She must get her talent from you! Am I right! You seem so amazing!

J+S said...

I'm pretty sure I need the skirt and top that she designed. Where do I get in line?

bullfrogranch said...

Wow Sydney. You are an amazing little fashion queen. Awesome.

OnGod'sErrand said...

What a great teacher! She'll make an impact on Sydney's life, I know. It takes an amazing amount of energy and caring to inspire students that way.
Love the clothes, Syd. Go for it!