Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Missing persons

On today's docket:
playing with the village people.

2 churches exactly alike
were carefully constructed.
One was for her and one for me.
Mine was a surprise.


I left for a few minutes,
and all of a sudden I heard her
burst out crying.
I wondered how in the world
do you get hurt
playing village people?
I went running to her and she suddenly stopped,
and smiled.
I asked what was wrong,
and she said
the village person was sad
because he was all by himself.
Poor guy.

So she went on a search
through Austin's room
and found his friends.

You gotta have friends!
She's got it figured out.


bullfrog ranch said...

Such a sweet girl with great emotion and creativity. So precious.

OnGod'sErrand said...

Whatever will you do when she goes to school? Your entertainment will be gone. How sweet that she cares for everyone, even "village people"!

J+S said...

That is a melt-my-heart smile in that last picture!